ICT Portal

Bayside Christian College is committed to incorporating ICT into learning in a meaningful and cost-effective manner.

The Australian Curriculum is designed around developing core competencies in literacy, numeracy, ethics, creative and critical thinking, ICT, and intercultural understanding. Development of all of these competencies is critical for the academic success of our students. Integration of technology into the classroom is essential for students to develop many of these competencies. 

The integration of technology in our educational program does not diminish the role of the teacher, but transforms the teacher from a director of learning into a facilitator of learning, where learning can occur anytime, anywhere. Students are empowered to engage in self-learning, limited only by their curiosity and motivation, expanding upon the breadth and depth of knowledge acquired in the formal classroom setting.

The policies and procedures set out on this site apply to the use of ICT at Bayside Christian College, and have been carefully considered by the College Leadership Team.